I went on it a few times, but now it shows some dating site called fuckbook

I went on it a few times, but now it shows some dating site called fuckbook

Even if you clear your browser it will still be there

I have websites and Google Searches on my internet history that I’ve never visited or searched for. It is on my Samsung Note 2 cell phone but doesn’t show up on my laptop. The sites are POF (a dating site), Putlocker (watch online movies), reddit, Yahoo – login (I don’t have a Yahoo login), Yahoo Mail (I don’t have a yahoo mail account), living social – Google Search, chat line – Google Search, chatroulette – Google Search, hook up – Google Search, Plenty of fish – Google Search, stubhub – Google Search. How can I prove that I did not perform these searches or access the websites? I have visited porn sites on my phone in the past and created a username/password for ashley madison (it’s been deleated/account closed). I also visited craigslist to read the postings from my phone. Any help would be awsome.

I really don’t have the energy to argue over something I didn’t even do nor would I ever go to a dating site and even if I was single woudnt go to one asking for sex

i noticed on my boyfriends history that 3 questions had been put into the computer, firstly bed and breakfasts in truro which is in cornwall near where i live then pubs in truro and shops in truro.he said he does not know anything about it and did not enter this into the computer. could it be an accident .how could it just appear .have you any idea please. yours miss a. tyler

I have some lengthy history of porn sites that I have no been on. . I didn’t even know that was there until my husband looked through my phone. I have read a lot about this site spamming you, but wanted to know more about how this can happen and how to make it stop and haven’t been on anymore sites. he looked at a phone I don’t use anymore and it said I went to some pornsite the day he looked at the phone. not like you log in or anything so it is not possible. I am so confused and feel like a bad person for something I didn’t do. it is sick and I am sick my husband would think so low of me. Any help would be great.

How does xnxx show up in your search history in your browser on your I-phone if you claim to have never typed it in and when he says I don’t know how my browser history got deleted should I believe him? If you go to settings and click on safari and then advanced web history you can see everything. Of course if private browsing this does not work. I am devastated to think that the man that promised me he was different from all the rest feels no guilt for doing this and can look me in the eyes and tell me he doesn’t and accuse me of planting it there so I can accuse him of it. I can’t let it go, it is eating away at me inside. He had me apologizing for doubting him but then it happens again.

My husband and I have been having problems lately because he tells me he doesn’t use Twitter or ever go on it but I see that Twitter appeared on his website data under advanced data in safari’s settings. I don’t know why this is happening if he says he doesn’t go on?