Puma Punku in addition to Old Alien Theory

Puma Punku in addition to Old Alien Theory

You can find mystical structures in lot of countries one has caused mankind so you can ponder in the event the aliens interacted that have otherwise guided people. One such put is Puma Punku. Just how did the new ancients create like work? Incredible reliability and you will a deep comprehension of math are unmistakeable but how about the various tools that have been used? How would they have met with the technical and you can knowledge to control brick such as this?

Ancient alien theorists believe that extraterrestrials interacted with humankind to 1 training or other and that they had been responsible for lots of the new mysterious ancient structures such as for instance Puma Punku.

The new Andes mountains is a regal attention so you’re able to view, level seven nations toward west coast out-of South usa. The fresh new hills give for the country off Bolivia where, 12,five-hundred ft above sea level, is present the fresh spoils of ancient city Tiahuanacu, or maybe more commonly known as Tiwanaku. Among these ruins could be the remains away from a pattern recognized simply while the Puma Punku. The website has established far controversy and argument almost from the day it absolutely was first discovered by the Foreign language conquistadors regarding sixteenth millennium.

This new eastern court features a wall structure you to definitely remains updates, although western judge is unwalled. There can be an increase from discover crushed that is level towards it if not slanted landscapes and a mound that renders a program, possibly known as Plataforma Litica. It system is loomed more from the a big brick build that ‘s the prominent on this brand of site. Even in the an initial glimpse, it seems like things cataclysmic struck this particular area, crushing from the enormous stones. They really stands here, a hushed monument in order to a time long past with little to no clues about how they was created.

Puma Punku, otherwise “The doorway of one’s Cougar” is a large section of a complex group of formations within the brand new Tiwanaku site located in the Southern area American country regarding Bolivia

The style of the structure reveals a lot of accuracy from inside the reducing. The brand new structure you to are nevertheless condition are made of diorite, among the many hardest rocks internationally to cut. Exactly how try so it through with zero evidence of systems from the town? Exactly how have been the newest bones installing so precisely that little normally sneak through the cracks? This has been speculated you to just diamond tipped gadgets could have cut the fresh unforgiving diorite, yet not one subject likewise has much discussion. Irrespective, again, there’s a large framework, appearing to be a temple of forms to own a people that we know little from the which have little remaining to exhibit just how it actually was formulated otherwise established.

Carbon dating evaluation enjoys reported so you’re able to irrefutably put the age so it construction at around 500 Ad with the failure of the town of Tiahuanacu taking place around a thousand Post

Brand new pictures and you can carvings to your ruins try interesting too, appearing at the very least a belief in the gods of air. The new Andean Sky god was illustrated here, since it is an additional archaeological question, the Nazca contours guelph sugar daddy from inside the Peru. Of numerous have confidence in the potential for this “sky god” in fact becoming the leading push inside a race regarding extraterrestrials.

There are various concepts regarding the Puma Punku, the most questionable becoming which predates the fresh new Brick Many years. You’ll find those who claim that it’s been around far longer, have a tendency to quoting this new detailed studies by Teacher Arthur Posnansky (1873-1946). Posnansky spent more than half away from their existence taking a look at the spoils out-of Puma Punku and you may stumbled on specific extremely debatable findings. He was believing that the structure is actually intended to matches specific substantial facts which he in depth in the last guide, composed when you look at the 1943: Tihuanacu, brand new Cradle of American Son.